BBEST Awards Ceremony

Award-winning Poster Presentations

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Jonathan Cardoso Climaco Vieira - Institute of Chemistry, University of São Paulo

A-25 - Evaluation of cell wall components of contrasting sugarcane progenies for biomass production

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Franz Wagner Laurett Veras - University of São Paulo

C-06 - Production of the copolyester P3HB-co-3HV by Burkholderia sacchari prp mutants using xylose and propionate and evaluation of the modulation of its monomeric composition

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Nathália Vilela - University of Campinas

C-14 - Multi-omic characterization of a novel red yeast strain with biotechnological potential for lignin valorization strategies

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Matheus Aparecido Pereira Cipriano - Agronomic Institute (IAC)

A-30 - Effect of beneficial microorganisms on sugarcane plant growth, metabolism, biological control and soil bacterial community

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Poster Presentations

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(A) Biomass, Agronomy, Breeding, Other Energy Crops, Biotechnological Aspects of Plants Feedstocks

(B) Biofuel Technologies, including biomass process engineering and biofuels production

(C) Biorefineries, Bio-based chemicals and biomaterials

(D) Biofuel Engines and Applications to Aviation

(E) Sustainability, Environmental, Social, Economic and Public Policy Issues