Dear Participant of the joint BBEST2020-21/Biofuture Summit II Conference, 

Based on the continued severity of the global COVID pandemic, which is unlikely to allow for the normalization of international travel and the holding of large in-person events, and encouraged by the success of the Conference’s virtual segment in late 2020, the organizing committee of the joint BBEST2020-21/Biofuture Summit II Conference has decided that the main May 24th-26th 2021 proceedings will be held entirely in a virtual format.

We have prepared exciting features that can make the BBEST-Biofuture Summit II Conference an engaging and dynamic event, going well beyond a series of webinars. Using the Whova online conference platform, our event will allow for ample participant-to-participant networking and fruitful interaction with our speakers. Our hope is to recreate the sense of community, energy, and learning that characterize both BBEST and Biofuture Summit events. 

We are sparing no effort to build a top-notch event with no corners cut. Features include:

–      The full extent of the original BBEST-Biofuture Conference Programe, with a total of 38 sessions, made available through the Whova platform to conference participants in a “Netflix” like, attend-when-you-can model. 

–      550+ registered participants from 30 countries, hailing from industry, academia, governments and international organizations

–      Three official “conference days” from May 24-26, including one main live debate session per day and dozens of pre-recorded technical sessions, with the possibility of interacting, attending sessions and participate both before and after the official dates;

–      Live, synchronous and asynchronous Q&A with panelists through the Whova platform chat

–      Full featured forum where any participant can raise topics and provoke debate

–      Full one-to-one and small group conversation features, where attendees can network with others at will, and book live, private video chats via the Whova platform.

–      Exhibition and sponsor booths

We are confident that the event will bring even more networking opportunities in a virtual environment and give everyone the chance to watch the most memorable talks and discussion sessions. Be ready to enjoy a great virtual conference in 2021.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions. We will keep you informed.

The BBEST-Biofuture organizing committee

Biofuture Summit II: IEA calls for countries to implement Biofuture Platform post-COVID Principles

Bioenergy sector hailed as a ‘job creating machine’ at launch of BBEST 2020-21/BIOFUTURE SUMMIT II Virtual Conference

Unique conference brings together world-leading policies, innovation, science and market analysis across the bioeconomy

30 November 2020: The Biofuture Platform, a multi-stakeholder initiative facilitated by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and designed to take action on climate change by promoting international coordination on the sustainable low-carbon bioeconomy, has opened this year’s BBEST 2020-21/BIOFUTURE SUMMIT II Virtual Conference.

This week’s event marks the end of a busy year for the Biofuture Platform which has been coordinating the response to its Five Principles for Post-COVID Bioeconomy Recovery and Acceleration which were announced in August. Utilising this progress, in September the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) high-level global forum officially launched the new Biofuture Platform Initiative which is implemented in close partnership with the private sector to raise international ambition and advance sustainable bioenergy and biomaterials production, trade and use across the globe.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of this year’s BBEST 2020-21/BIOFUTURE SUMMIT II Virtual Conference, Dr Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the IEA said: “This event is timely as we believe that there is urgent policy action required to support the bioenergy and biofuels sector which has been hard hit by the coronavirus crisis. However, we know that the bioenergy industry can play a critical role in the current context we are in – for example, creating employment.

We estimate that for every million dollars of investment in the bioenergy sector can create up to 30 jobs. In this context, the bioenergy sector can be a job creating machine… We are urging all countries to adopt the Biofuture Platform principles for a post-COVID bioeconomy recovery as an effective means to create jobs whilst addressing our environmental challenges.”

Earlier this month, the Platform called for urgent action to be taken after the IEA’s Renewables 2020 report showed an 11.6% drop in biofuels output in 2020. Long described by the IEA as an ‘overlooked giant of renewables’, bioenergy has a number of uses in the real economy, in transport and for heat production in industry and buildings, and will play a key role in the long-term transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy.

As a world leader in the development of the bioeconomy, Brazil is spearheading the global response to the current situation by using the BBEST 2020-21/BIOFUTURE SUMMIT II Virtual Conference to foster international partnerships on key topics such as responsible land use, crop productivity and resilient multifunctional landscapes, harvesting technology, impact of logistics and scale, integral biorefinery development, and emerging advanced materials and energy carriers for aviation, marine and road transport.

Citing the success of Brazil’s own RenovaBio initiative, Bento Alburquerque, Minister, Ministry of Mines and Energy, Brazil said: “Since 2016, the 20 member countries of the Biofuture Platform, together with the International Energy Agency, have helped secure a place for bioenergy in the global debate on climate change and energy transition. We hope that this attention will be converted into concrete policy action, like blending mandates, low carbon emissions credits, fiscal measures, sustainability frameworks, technology support and friendlier environments for investment and job creation.”

Highlighting the importance of the Biofuture Platform in fostering innovation across the bioeconomy, Ernesto Araújo, Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Brazil, commented: “The Biofuture Platform has been critical in filling a gap in the international environmental and energy debate, in which the role and the need for a sustainable bioenergy has been largely ignored. Since the launch of the Platform, member countries have announced and worked on major new policies and programmes for bioenergy, biofuels, and the bioeconomy.”

The Platform continues to urge countries, governments, and corporations to implement its Five Principles for the post-COVID Recovery, which would not only accelerate the decarbonisation of the energy sector but also create jobs. Focusing ahead to 2021, the Biofuture Platform is due to release its Policy Blueprint and looks forward to welcoming its members, dignitaries, and guests to a hybrid (in-person and virtual) conference at the Renaissance São Paulo Hotel from 24-26th May 2021, Covid-19 restrictions permitting.

Providing a sneak peak of the aims of the Biofuture Platform Policy Blueprint at the first mini policy forum of the BBEST 2020-21/BIOFUTURE SUMMIT II Virtual Conference, Dr Paolo Frankl, Head of Renewables at the IEA commented: “The Policy Blueprint will provide a critical review of policies, providing good practice examples, but also highlighting some weaker parts which identify scope for further domestic policy action. The point is not to say who is good and who is bad, but to improve all together.

“Biofuels are an essential part of the future sustainable transport energy mix and there has to be much more policy attention on them. The use of biofuels has been growing but too slowly to meet long term sustainable needs with current global policy framework not sufficiently ambitious.”


About the Biofuture Platform

The Biofuture Platform is a government-led, multi-stakeholder initiative designed to take action on climate change and support the Sustainable Development Goals by promoting international coordination on the sustainable low-carbon bioeconomy. It was launched in Marrakesh at the COP 22 climate talks in November 2016. Since February, 1, 2019, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has been the Facilitator (Secretariat) of the initiative. The Biofuture Platform has twenty member countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Morocco, Mozambique, the Netherlands, Paraguay, the Philippines, Sweden, United Kingdom, the United States of America and Uruguay. As a multi-stakeholder initiative, a number of international organizations, academia, and private sector associations are also involved and engaged as official partners. For more information visit:

The Platform’s Five Principles for Post-COVID Bioeconomy Recovery are:

1) Do not backtrack: Ensure continuity and long-term predictability of bioenergy, biofuels, and bio-based material targets and existing policy mechanisms that have proved successful;

2) Consider short-term COVID support for producers: Where appropriate, address short-term challenges for bioenergy and bio-based materials industries in the context of relief packages related to COVID-driven economic losses;

3) Reassess fossil fuel subsidies: Take advantage of a low oil price environment to reassess fossil fuel subsidies for a fairer playing field;

4) Build Back Better with Bio: Where appropriate, integrate the bioeconomy sector as part of broader recovery programmes, e.g. by requiring bioeconomy investments/targets as part of aid and recovery packages for specific sectors such as transport and chemicals; and

5) Reward sustainability: Integrate sustainability rewarding mechanisms into policy frameworks, promoting positive externalities in the production and use of bio-based fuels, chemicals and materials.

About the IEA

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is at the heart of global dialogue on energy, providing authoritative analysis, data, policy recommendations, and real-world solutions to help countries provide secure and sustainable energy for all. Taking an all-fuels, all-technologies approach, the IEA advocates policies that enhance the reliability, affordability and sustainability of energy. The IEA is supporting clean energy transitions all over the world in order to help achieve global sustainability goals. For more information visit:

Media enquiries

Hume Brophy for the Biofuture Platform:

Laura Morrissey, Account Director:, +44 (0)7772 124 299

Fred Dowd, Account Manager:, +44 (0) 7387 261 245


bringing together the policies, innovation, and science to enable a sustainable low carbon bieconomy.

Join us for three days of webinars and access to 150 digital poster presentations.

Check out some highlights from the virtual segment and all the content you will access as a participant.

  • Bento Albuquerque – Minister, Ministry of Mines and Energy, Brazil
  • Fatih Birol – Executive Director, International Energy Agency (IEA)
  • Marco Antonio Zago – President, FAPESP, Brazil
  • Sarquis Sarquis – Secretary for Economy and Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Brazil
  • Sergio Segovia – President, Apex-Brasil, Brazil
  • Glaucia Mendes Souza – University of São Paulo and FAPESP Bioenergy Program: BIOEN 2020-2030, Brazil
  • Luiz A.Horta Nogueira – University of Campinas UNICAMP, Brazil
  • Renato D.Godinho – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Biofuture Platform Chairperson, Brazil

Mini Policy Forum with Q&A session – The single most important policy for accelerating the Bioeconomy

  • Danielle M.Silva Conde – Deputy Superintendent of Biofuels and Quality of Products, ANP Regulatory Agency, Brazil
  • Hans Van Steen – Acting Director, Renewables, Research and Innovation, Energy Efficiency, DG-ENER, European Commission (TBC)
  • Ir. Kees W. Kwant – Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, Netherlands
  • Paolo Frankl – Head, Renewable Energy Division, IEA
  • Paula Vieira – Director of Transportation and Alternative Fuels Division at the Office of Energy Efficiency at Natural Resources, Canada
  • Stephanie Batchelor – Vice President of the Industrial and Environmental Section, Biotechnology Innovation Organization, BIO (TBC)
  • Renato D.Godinho – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Biofuture Platform Chairperson, Brazil

FAPESP BIOEN Program Coordinators will discuss the next decade of the program goals. Join us in a debate of the challenges and actions needed in research that can lead to the increase of biomass yields and diversification of feedstock options, the development of efficient and competitive biomass conversion platforms, the improvement of energy efficiency and sustainability of bioenergy end use and the acceleration of the transition to a bioeconomy.

  • Heitor Cantarella – Agronomic Institute of Campinas & FAPESP BIOEN, Brazil
  • Luis Fernando Cassinelli – BIOEN-FAPESP, Brazil
  • Luiz A. Horta Nogueira – University of Campinas UNICAMP, Brazil
  • Rubens Maciel – University of Campinas UNICAMP, Brazil
  • Glaucia Mendes Souza – University of São Paulo and FAPESP Bioenergy Program: BIOEN 2020-2030, Brazil

The best of BBEST 2020: the authors of outstanding poster presentations in the categories Undergrad, MS, DR, and Post-Doc will receive an award in the Closing Session

  • Luís Eugênio Mello – FAPESP, Brazil
  • Luiziana Ferreira – University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Marcelo Menossi – University of Campinas UNICAMP, Brazil
  • Clarissa Forecchi – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Brazil

The Conference will be held through the virtual conference platform Whova, allowing you to dynamically interact with all participants of the conference, showing your results and getting access to important information and webinars about Bioenergy and Bioeconomy.

There is much more to come. Stay tuned!

Using Whova during BBEST 2020-21/BIOFUTURE SUMMIT II Virtual Conference: 3rd Message for the Poster Presenters

Dear participant,

BBEST 2020-21/BIOFUTURE SUMMIT II Virtual Conference will be held virtually from November 30th to December 2nd, 2020, through the Whova platform.

Please remember that the deadline to submit your poster presentation is October 26th.

We prepared a small guide on how to access and use the Whova platform during the event to watch poster presentations and live stream sessions, and interact with other participants and the Evaluation Committee.

Accessing BBEST 2020-21/BIOFUTURE SUMMIT II on Whova

1. Please go to BBEST 2020-21/BIOFUTURE SUMMIT II page on Whova.

2. Download Whova mobile app from AppStore or GooglePlay or access the Web app.

3. Click Sign up here to create an account. Please, remember to use the same email used for registering for BBEST 2020-21/BIOFUTURE SUMMIT II.

4. Provide your profile information with your photo, affiliation, biography, social media links, and any other information you consider relevant. Please keep in mind that this information will be available for other participants to view and get to know you, so it is important that you have a complete profile.

You can edit your profile information any time later by accessing My profile tab.

Important: Only participants with paid registrations will have access to Whova. The deadline to pay your registration is November 9th.

Best Poster Awards

During November, all poster presentations will be analyzed by the Evaluation Committee. During this period of time, evaluators may get in touch with you to clarify any issues regarding your presentation.
Please, check the Messages tab in Whova, as well as your registered email account, so you don’t miss any contact from the Evaluation Committee.

Poster Q&A Sessions

Your poster presentation will be released a few days before the event starts, so that all participants have time to watch the presentations and ask you questions. The Q&A sessions will be asynchronous, which means it will work in the same dynamic as a forum: participants will post their questions, and the presenter will answer them according to his/her availability.

Participating on Virtual Activities

Besides the poster sessions, a series of webinars, mini-policy forum and award ceremony will take place from November 30th to December 2nd, 2020.
You can participate in all these online events through Whova, watching live streams, asking questions during Q&A sessions and interacting with other participants on the chat.
Our agenda is on, and there is still more to come!

Interacting with other participants, using Virtual meetups

Besides all the scheduled activities, you can also interact with other participants using the Community tab. There, you can schedule virtual meetings with other participants, using Whova’s virtual meeting room, or other external video conference software of your preference.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

If you have any questions or technical issues, feel free to contact us through the email address:

Vitor Brandão
Organizing Committee

Digital Poster Presentations: 2nd Message for the Poster Presenters

Dear participant,

Instructions for poster presentation during the BBEST 2020-21/BIOFUTURE SUMMIT II virtual conference, from November 30th to December 2nd, have already been sent. Please check your spam box if you have not received the message. All information is also available on our webpage:

It is important to submit your material until October 26th to guarantee your participation on the poster sessions during the virtual conference.

Show your results and achievements at BBEST-BIOFUTURE virtual event in 2020. The presentation of digital posters is your best chance to be among the awarded scientists and be seen by experts from academia and private companies.

All registered conference attendees, speakers, and poster presenters will receive Certificates. Please, remember that the Best Posters will be awarded and publicly acknowledged in the closing ceremony on December 2nd.

Please keep in mind that during the in-person conference in May 2021 there will be no poster session, and certificates will be issued to only those with paid registration.

For any questions or technical issues, please feel free to contact us through the email address:


Vitor Brandão
Organizing Committee

Instructions for Digital Poster Presentations: 1st Message for the Poster Presenters

Dear participant,

Congratulations! You have a registration to present your poster during the BBEST2020-Biofuture Summit II.

The poster presentations will be held virtually during the Conference Virtual Activities, from November 30th to December 2nd, 2020, through Whova platform.

The presentations will be available for reading and watching a few days before the Virtual Activities start, and participants will be able to interact with you and ask questions to you during the event using the Whova platform.

Until October 26, 2020, you must submit three files for evaluation and display in Whova platform: an abstract, a digital poster and a 3-minute video presentation. The files must be sent to the current email (, using WeTransfer.

Further details and instructions on how to build and send your presentations can be found in the Digital Poster Guidelines page on our event website. We strongly recommend you to read all instructions and watch the demo video before starting to prepare your presentation.

For any questions or technical issues, feel free to contact us through the email address:

Good luck!

Vitor Brandao
Organizing Committee


Experiences in implementing the Five Principles were discussed by government representatives from three continents, private sector, and the IEA.

Read more


Dear Participants

Be ready for participating in the BBEST 2020-21/BIOFUTURE SUMMIT II and join a series of online activities. As previously announced, the event has expanded to include online webinars and conferences in 2020 and a hybrid (in-person and virtual) conference, at the Renaissance São Paulo Hotel tentatively in May 24-26th, 2021.

Right now, the Conference is preparing a series of activities that will take place in 2020 through virtual environments, with webinars and poster presentations.

From November 30th to December 2nd, 2020, the Conference will have three days of virtual activities, with three webinars featuring more than 10 top experts, and a poster presentation session addressing the most recent global challenges and achievements in Bioenergy and Bioeconomy.

The Virtual Conference is presenting, on November 30th, an Opening Ceremony with policymakers and politicians, followed by a Mini Policy Forum. The enhanced Poster session, much more interactive and full of opportunities, will allow for all participants and speakers to make and answer questions for several days. The posters (abstracts and a small video) will be displayed virtually through the conference software.

On December 2nd, during the closing ceremony, the top 3 best scientific and/or technological Posters in the categories of Scientific Initiation, Master, Doctor, and Post-doctoral will be awarded live.

The Conference will be held through the virtual conference platform Whova, allowing you to dynamically interact with all participants of the conference, showing your results and getting access to important information and webinars about Bioenergy and Bioeconomy.

You can already download the conference Whova – Event & Conference App on your cellphone using Apple or Google Play, or the desktop version ( and start right now to interact with other BBEST-Biofuture participants.

The Organizing Committee


3 events in one and starting now

We are delivering more than originally planned: instead of a physical conference from 30 Nov to 2 Dec 2020, BBEST/BIOFUTURE has expanded to include online webinars and conferences in 2020 and a presential conference, at the same venue, from 24 to 26 May 2021. Therefore, BBEST/BIOFUTURE will be starting now and will go on until May 2021.

We concluded that it is unlikely that we could physically meet in a hotel in São Paulo in November 2020 because of the way the COVID-19 pandemic is progressing. Then we adjusted to having our conference rolling in 2020 – because there are many important things to discuss – and convene in May for plenary and parallel sessions. The new plans are:

  • August and October 2020: BBEST/BIOFUTURE Kick off with two webinars to get started with high impact themes related to bioenergy and bioeconomy. All registered BBEST/BIOFUTURE participants are already registered to the webinars. NEXT WEBINAR: October 15th, 12:00 (Brasília time zone).
  • 30 Nov to 2 Dec 2020: instead of the on-site conference, a series of online events including a brief policy day forum and reformulated Poster Sessions with more exposure and more opportunities of interaction among the participants and sponsors. Best Poster Prizes will be delivered as well as Conference Certificates.
  • 24 to 26 May 2021 (tbc): a physical conference to close BBEST 2020-21/BIOFUTURE SUMMIT II at the Renaissance Conference Center in São Paulo. The original program is being updated but, as planned, we will have a Policy Day, Parallel Sections, Round Tables, Exhibits, Technical Tours and all the interesting activities we already had.

All BBEST/BIOFUTURE 2020 registered participants are already registered for the 2020-2021 events. Those who submitted oral or poster contributions will have the opportunity to update or even change their papers. Registered participants who cannot attend on the new dates can also transfer their paid registration to colleagues to present their papers.

We will keep you posted on all the forthcoming activities. See you at the BBEST 2020-21/BIOFUTURE SUMMIT II!

BBEST 2020-21/BIOFUTURE SUMMIT II Organizing Committee