Dear Participant of the joint BBEST2020-21/Biofuture Summit II Conference, 

Based on the continued severity of the global COVID pandemic, which is unlikely to allow for the normalization of international travel and the holding of large in-person events, and encouraged by the success of the Conference’s virtual segment in late 2020, the organizing committee of the joint BBEST2020-21/Biofuture Summit II Conference has decided that the main May 24th-26th 2021 proceedings will be held entirely in a virtual format.

We have prepared exciting features that can make the BBEST-Biofuture Summit II Conference an engaging and dynamic event, going well beyond a series of webinars. Using the Whova online conference platform, our event will allow for ample participant-to-participant networking and fruitful interaction with our speakers. Our hope is to recreate the sense of community, energy, and learning that characterize both BBEST and Biofuture Summit events. 

We are sparing no effort to build a top-notch event with no corners cut. Features include:

–      The full extent of the original BBEST-Biofuture Conference Programe, with a total of 38 sessions, made available through the Whova platform to conference participants in a “Netflix” like, attend-when-you-can model. 

–      550+ registered participants from 30 countries, hailing from industry, academia, governments and international organizations

–      Three official “conference days” from May 24-26, including one main live debate session per day and dozens of pre-recorded technical sessions, with the possibility of interacting, attending sessions and participate both before and after the official dates;

–      Live, synchronous and asynchronous Q&A with panelists through the Whova platform chat

–      Full featured forum where any participant can raise topics and provoke debate

–      Full one-to-one and small group conversation features, where attendees can network with others at will, and book live, private video chats via the Whova platform.

–      Exhibition and sponsor booths

We are confident that the event will bring even more networking opportunities in a virtual environment and give everyone the chance to watch the most memorable talks and discussion sessions. Be ready to enjoy a great virtual conference in 2021.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions. We will keep you informed.

The BBEST-Biofuture organizing committee

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