Renato Domith Godinho

Journalist and communicator by graduation, and with a masterĀ“s degree in international diplomacy from Rio Branco Institute (2005), Renato D. Godinho moved in 2003 from technological and scientific journalism to career diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brazil. He has served in Brazil and abroad, focusing in multilateral governance, negotiation, and process management. From 2015, he has been in charge of the Division for Energy Progress (DEN) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, dealing with international policy dialogue and cooperation for the clean energy transition. Since the launch, in COP22, in Marrakesh, of the Biofuture Platform, a 20-country coalition to promote low carbon solutions for transport and industry, Renato has led the operational team responsible for its coordination/secretariat roles. With the transfer of the Facilitator role of the Biofuture Platform to the International Energy Agency (IEA) in 2019, Renato D. Godinho was appointed by the member countries as the Biofuture Platform's first Chairperson, for a term of two years.